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AIR TOOL Framepomp Mtb/Race

The Air Tool Flex Pump uses an inverted camber design that allows for quick fill-up on mountain tires, yet it can still reach the high-pressures needed for road tires.
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€ 39,90

Nieuw Bidon 24Oz

Our best-selling bottle, the Big Mouth 24oz is conveniently shaped and absolutely leak-proof. It has a tight-sealing Big Mouth screw top that's ultra-wide for adding things like ice or your hydration powder of choice. This piece also provides an incredible level of water flow that's up to 50% greater than the competition. Meanwhile, we gave the bottle a...
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€ 11,00


Lichtgewicht bidonhouder die ontworpen is om snel te zijn in de wind en voor het goed vasthouden van je bidon op ruig terrein.
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€ 10,00

Cascade II

The Cascade Cage II features a composite construction that's lightweight, reliable, and incredibly well priced. Bottle retention and grip are both rock solid, and the design is sleek and attractive. Add it all up, and you have a water bottle cage that looks good and performs even better.
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€ 10,00
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